Emile Henry Black Flame-top Plancha

  • Emile Henry Black Flame-top Plancha
    Emile Henry Black Flame-top Plancha
    Emile Henry
    Grill meats, poultry, fish and vegetables with this handy barbecue essential that will soon become one of your favorites. Made of all-natural materials, this plancha is crafted using Emile Henry's proprietary Flame technology. It's 30% lighter than cast iron and easy to handle, with large handles for safe transport from grill to table. High sides on three edges help keep food contained, and an open edge ensures easy turning. Plancha features a scratch-resistant micro-crazed glaze for crispy, well-baked dishes every time you use it. THE FLAME COLLECTION ADVANTAGE Emile Henry's proprietary ceramic technology provides optimal cooking on the grill or in traditional ovens or microwave. Excels at cooking on all types of barbecues; you'll love that it stays hot longer, and allows you to perfectly cook a variety of dishes that can be tricky to prepare al fresco. Take your favorite dishes, such as stir-fry, myriad vegetable medleys and meats, in new directions by cooking them outdoors.SUPERIOR HEATThe footed base allows for heat diffusion and it's designed to provide gently even heat distribution; coaxes out the natural flavors of the food and maintains natural textures and colors, resulting in better-tasting dishes. It's a wonderful piece to have on hand for recipes that call for extremely high temperatures and searing. ABOUT BURGUNDY CLAY Burgundy clay evenly and slowly diffuses cooking heat to the very center of the cooking surface. Food is cooked evenly, which brings out the flavors and aromas. Burgundy clay has superior heat-retention properties that keep food hot and more flavorsome when resting on a divot on the table or sideboard. EXPERTLY GLAZED Glaze is 100% food safe. There is no lead or cadmium, and it won't crack, discolor or fade over time.EXTRAORDINARILY DURABLE Emile Henry products do not chip or crack easily. You can even cut directly on the surface without scratching or damaging the finish. EASY TO CLEAN The surface does not trap and hold baked-on or burnt food. Cleaning is remarkably easy. All Emile Henry products can go in the dishwasher. GUARANTEEDAll Emile Henry products carry a limited household warranty against breakage due to defective workmanship.Not recommended for stovetop use. 10-year warranty. 15" l x 12" w. Oven safe to 750F. Dishwasher safe. Made in France.
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