Emile Henry Azure Pie Dish

  • Emile Henry Azure Pie Dish
    Emile Henry Azure Pie Dish
    Emile Henry
    The most delicious pies need to be cooked evenly and gently, without drying out. The secret is the earthenware dish. This pie dish is perfect for cooking your favorite recipes and makes a beautiful presentation on your table while keeping your pie warm.Crafted from Emile Henry's signature Burgundy clay, the dish provides even and gentle heat distribution, allowing browning of crusts while keeping pies moist in the middle. Safely goes from freezer, directly into oven, to tabletop. Clay is fired at extremely high temperatures to help withstand years of use. Exclusive Ceradon process produces a superior glaze that resists chips, scratches and crazing. Dishwasher safe. Made in France.BEAUTIFULLY FRENCH YET WONDERFULLY AMERICANPatented in the US by Jacques Henry of Emile Henry, this dish design gives the traditional American dessert a uniquely rural, French perspective. The delightfully scalloped edges are reminiscent of the edge created when pie dough is fluted or crimped - a worthy aspect in addition to its functional capacity for both sweet and savory pies. It is an idea that was inspired by a turn of the century shape that Jacques Henry observed in an old photograph that graced a fireplace mantle in the family home.
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