Global 7 Inch Santoku With Sharpener

  • Global 7 Inch Santoku With Sharpener
    Global 7 Inch Santoku With Sharpener
    Truly unique, Global knives are the choice for chefs around the world. This set includes two items every cook needs: a reliable santoku and a user-friendly sharpener.Ideal for slicing fish, cutting meat and chopping vegetables, the sleek, seamless Global santoku is constructed from a single piece of CROMOVA stainless steel to eliminate food traps and give you unmatched agility. Best thing is, you can easily return it to its original sharpness with the best-selling Global Minosharp”celebrated as one of the most effective and easy-to-use handheld sharpeners available.Material: CROMOVA 18 stainless steelCare: Hand wash knife and dry immediately, rinse and drip dry sharpenerDimensions: 7" blade, 11 ¾" total knife length, sharpener is 9" x 2" x 2.5"Warranty: Limited lifetime warrantyMade in JapanFEATURES:Santoku is lightweight to reduce hand fatiguePerfectly balanced for more controlErgonomic, molded handleGlobal's signature dimple pattern provides a stronger gripEdge is ground straight to a point, rather than beveled, for exceptional sharpness and edge-retentionHollow handle is filled just enough to achieve the perfect weightEasy-to-use hand-held sharpenerWater reservoir and ceramic wheels ensure correct angleTwo color-coded sharpening wheelsDesigned for Global knives, but sharpens most others, tooNo batteries or electricity requiredNote: Not for use with serrated knives or knives sharpened on only one side. For these knives, use a waterstone or ceramic stone
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