Hario Siphon Coffee Brewer

  • Hario Siphon Coffee Brewer
    Hario Siphon Coffee Brewer
    It may look like a chemistry experiment, but siphon brewing creates one of the most deliciously complex, smooth cups of coffee you'll ever taste. Long relegated to boutique coffeehouses but now available for the home in a handsome, accessible device, siphon brewing is perfect for those who like a little ritual in their coffee preparation. To use, simply fill the lower chamber with water and the upper chamber with your favorite ground coffee. As the water in the lower chamber is heated it bubbles into the upper chamber, where it steeps the grounds. As the now empty lower chamber cools, suction draws the perfectly brewed coffee back into the glass bulb. To serve, simply remove the top chamber and pour”the attractive stand doubles as a convenient handle.Crafted in Japan since 1921, Hario coffee tools are widely recognized for their quality and innovation.Manufacturer: HarioIncludes: Brewer, alcohol burnerMaterial: Glass, metal, plasticCare: Dishwasher safeUse: Requires alcohol fuel (not included). Always use care when handling flammable materials. Follow all instructions when usingDimensions: 4.25" x 6.25" x 14.25"Capacity: 600 mLWarranty: Warranted against manufacturer defectsMade in Japan?
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