Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center

  • Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center
    Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center
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    We are very proud to offer our customers the finest espresso machine on the market today, the Jura GIGA 5. Fast and quiet as a whisper, it's essentially two barista-quality machines in one. Now, espresso lovers can create their favorite coffee-shop drinks right at home in moments”no experience necessary! TWO IS BETTER THAN ONEWith the combined power of two (two bean hoppers, two professional ceramic grinders, two thermoblocks, and a variable dual spout with two coffee and two milk spouts), this machine produces two specialty coffees at the push of a button in seconds. Two virtually wear-free ceramic disc grinders are electronically adjusted to guarantee precise, consistent grinding even after years of frequent use. SIMPLE-TO-USEAn intuitive control with TFT-LCD display, rotary selection and easy-to-identify buttons makes it simple to craft the beverage you want. Choose from five programmable coffee strengths, three brewing temperatures and 17 programmed specialty drinks for your perfect cup. ELECTRONIC VENTILATION SYSTEMBecause the machine houses two powerful grinders and two thermoblocks in a compact space, a good bit of heat and steam is produced. The heat is automatically guided out of the machine by the striking, adjustable Venti Ports. These ports also supply fresh air, working harmoniously with the electronic ventilation system.Includes: 20-oz stainless steel thermal milk container, and Welcome Kit with 2 Clearyl Blue filters, Clearyl Blue filter holder, cleaning tablet sample, microfiber cloth, water-hardness indicator strip, and one extra venting tip and clear milk hose”to be used with the frother.Capacity: 87-oz. water tank; 9-oz.bean hopperWeight: 39.3 lbs.Dimensions: 16.3" h x 19.6" l x 12.6" wWeight: 40 lbs.Warranty: Two-year manufacturer's warranty1250 wattsMade in Switzerland Compare all Jura Automatic Coffee Centers: Click for details >Click here for more information on Jura GIGA 5.
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