Ken Onion Rain 3 Inch Reverse Paring Knife

  • Ken Onion Rain 3 Inch Reverse Paring Knife
    Ken Onion Rain 3 Inch Reverse Paring Knife
    Ken Onion
    This innovative paring knife has been designed from the ground up to function as an extension of your hand”seamless, perfectly balanced and incredibly easy to use. The perfect choice for detail work and peeling, this paring knife features an angled handle that allows you to work without your fingers hitting the cutting board and a reverse blade designed to work with a natural toward-the-body motion. The small hook on the handle is excellent for removing the eyes from potatoes or zesting citrus. Known for his willingness to challenge convention, Ken Onion is one of the world's premier knife makers. His Rain collection exemplifies this philosophy”Rain knives feature striking, patterned surfaces that glide smoothly through foods and novel designs intended to enhance cutting. Each knife in the Ken Onion Rain collection is made in the USA. Manufacturer: Ken OnionMaterial: High-carbon stainless steel, polymer (POM)Care: Hand wash onlyDimensions: 3" bladeWarranty: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defectsMade in USAFEATURESBlade is laser-cut from high-performance stainless steelBlade surface is treated with a proprietary process that creates multiple air pockets on the blade surface. Designed to reduce surface tension and drag, these air pockets create a nearly nonstick surface, resulting in a gorgeous blade that slices effortlessly and without stickingHandle is constructed from G-10 garolite, a military-grade inert material that is nearly impervious to heat and moistureErgonomic handle is shaped both to fit comfortably in the hand and to enhance performance
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