Breville Pressure And Slow Cooker

  • Breville Pressure And Slow Cooker
    Breville Pressure And Slow Cooker
    Introducing one appliance that does both. Enjoy tender meat in minutes using pressure or impart flavors for up to eight hours when slow cooking, you decide. In the six-quart nonstick removable cooking bowl you can saute onions, garlic, and much more, then sear and brown meats before slow cooking and pressure-cooking.MAKE IT SLOWThe Slow Cook feature is equivalent to the low setting on a slow cooker with the added benefit that you can also sear beforehand in the same cooking bowl to retain and intensify flavors.MAKE IT FASTChoose from two pressure settings to accommodate a wide variety of meals. High for fast cooking, medium for tender meats and low for delicate foods. MAKE IT SAFELYThree-way safety system features safety locking lid, steam release button and safety valve for pressure cooking.Set includes a steamer basket to pressure steam vegetables or seafood in minutes, locking in nutrients; stainless steel trivet that raises food out of liquid for roasts and puddings on pressure cook or slow cook settings; serving spoon; heat-resistant spatula and measuring cup. One-year warranty. 6-qt. capacity. Get the recipe for Mexican Pork Stew with Tomatillos >
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